Cloud File Migrations, for Business


End-to-end data encryption. Your data safety and security is our top priority.


Transfer your users to and from all major cloud services all via your web browser.


Our Cloud-to-Cloud throughput gets all of your data where you need it lightning fast.

Migrate Your Entire Company to Any Cloud Without Leaving Your Browser.

Sprinklr talks petabytes

Autodesk switches to OneDrive


Use in your web browser

Many Connectors

We support practically every major cloud storage provider and on-premise server. Easily authenticate with secure OAuth or traditional credentials.

Popular connectors are Box, Dropbox, Google, FTP, Amazon S3. See our full list here.

Comprehensive Scanning

Manage your transfers with our unlimited automated scheduling feature. Plan a final delta pass during evenings and weekends without worry.

Create as many schedules as you need to meet your special timing purposes.

Screenshot of Backup Manager
Screenshot of Migration Manager

Powerful Migration Manager

Bulk migrate users and data between cloud and on-prem platforms. Create individual jobs or gigantic batches for thousands of users.

Automatically keep permissions and sharing intact. Migrate your organization with ease.

Detailed Logs

We meticulously keep logs of everything Mover does for you. This will ensure you are compliant for any regulations you may be held to.

In case of an audit you can rely on our detailed, per-file, logs to provide full evidence of what was moved, and when.

Screenshot of Activity Log

Get your data where you want it, when you need it. Use Mover.