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Rescuing Ubuntu One

At Mover our mission is to better your relationship with data. Earlier this month we received some sad news that Canonical is shutting down its Ubuntu One service. All user content will be deleted on July 31st, 2014! Our team looked at the situation and decided that this would be a great opportunity to help the community, and gain some more users. We are going to help every Ubuntu One user migrate their files for FREE. We want everyone to have a good experience with cloud storage, and this is an excellent way for us to fulfill our mission. Hopefully we also gain some new fans, and maybe some paying customers who are now looking for backups of their new cloud storage accounts.

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Migrate for Free!

Starting today you can sign up for Mover and transfer ALL of your Ubuntu One data into any cloud storage provider for free!

All data in or out of Ubuntu One is free

Once you have made your migration, we highly recommend setting up a recurring backup of your data into another location. With the wide range of free cloud storage options out there you won’t have any problems finding a place to put your data. If you want us to keep your data we would be happy to help you out.

Read an example tutorial on migrating from Ubuntu One to Google Drive.

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  • Keith Briggs

    Spelling error at the top of this webpage: “Canonical is shutting down it’s Ubuntu One service” should be “Canonical is shutting down its Ubuntu One service”.

    • Biggest_Mike

      The Little Things People Notice In Correcting Sentences. I Am Not Hating But Just Saying. I Get Knocked Every Day For The Same Mistakes On My YouTube Channel.

    • Eric Warnke,

      Fixed, thanks!