Cloud Migrations

Whether you're moving hundreds of users or a terabyte of data, we've got you covered! Our app is the fastest way to move your files from one cloud service to another. No downloads, no installations - it's all cloud hosted and scalable.

Migrating a whole domain of users with a complicated permissions scheme? Our Migration Manager will help you match who's-who between a multi-user source and destination, and then copy and re-share the data as it was in the source.

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Cloud Migration Manager
Cloud Backup Manager


Schedule your migrations to over twenty different destinations!

Try scheduling a transfer for hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly repetition. Set it, forget it, and let Mover do all the heavy lifting.

Whether it's a full snapshot or only new or modified files, we can put your data in the destination as-is.

Managed Services

Mover has moved billions of files for businesses big & small, between dozens of different cloud and on-prem services, and we're always ready to tackle a project of any size.

Our experienced sales team members are cloud experts and our past clientele are just as diverse as our know-how. View our Customer Case Studies Here.

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Over Twenty Cloud Connectors
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Detailed Logging & More!

Other features and services we provide include:

  • Detailed logs for troubleshooting and IT compliance.
  • Maintaining sharing permissions from source to destination.
  • Incrementally transferring only new or modified files. Also known as a delta.